Bob Marley Gets an Electronic Makeover!

House | Thursday 13th June 2013 | Keshav


Bob Marley and the Wailers album ‘Legend’ was released in 1984. The album features all time classics such as ‘No Woman No Cry’ and ‘Three little birds’. Recently the album has been given an electronic makeover by producers such as Pretty Lights.

The original parts of the album are still very much intact and the remixes are done well. The songs are sure to be enjoyed by both fans of EDM and also loyal Marley fans! One of the standout remixes is Buffalo soldier a classic with a new twist that makes it sound certainly different than the original.The tracks have been released to a mixed reception with some fans saying producers ruined a classic ! However others feel this is a timely facelift for the album and an EDM touch is different.The album is available to buy now and  the Buffalo soldier remix is below !


Keshav Kapoor