DJ Randall puts all the Pieces together for Mac2

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 31st March 2015 | CHEF

East London's turntable jungle/DnB don DJ Randall finally puts all the pieces together!

Randall is one of the premier names in drum & bass. His contribution to the scene, the music and the culture is not to be forgotten or underestimated. His MAC2 Recordings has been through many forms, and has had multiple successes. The label has been re-energised in recent years, and is now proud to present the Pieces LP, featuring some of the biggest artists and producers across a range of styles. Randall is a music man through and through of course, and has assembled friends and colleagues old and new for the Pieces project.

Things start off right with the frankly sick C.A.B.L.E. remix of Randall and Vapour’s 'Angels Warning'. Right from the opening synths you know you are in for a trip, and you’re never let down. The rolling, in your face vibes you would expect from these two are immediately there. Equally on the Invaderz remix of old skool legend Cool Hand Flex and Effeckttz’s 'The Book', the feeling is one of constant elevation and things just getting better. This is real music, directed for the crowd and the floor.

Manchester’s Dawn Raid drop Red Sonja, and the legends just keep on coming, as Shimon remixes Jaybee’s 'Dirt Magirt'. Bladerunner never disappoints, and is on fire on 'Constance', a running classic tune which evokes all the feelings of the past, with an eye and an ear on the future. Deep bass fields surround you as the ticking beat heads straight for the heart. Physics teams up with Mr Joseph and Jere Garcia for the dreamy 'Higher Than Before', before there are further dips into the old skool courtesy of Uncle 22 & Navigator and dRamatic’s remix of Lenni Dee Ice’s iconc anthem, 'We Are IE'.

Digital & Flapjack’s 'Psycho Dancer' injects elements of hip hop, techno and neuro into the mix, ahead of Randall's own contribution – the urgent funk of 'Broken Plates'. Vapour’s back to bounce and roll on the 'Magic Roundabout', before closing numbers from Jaybee and Randall and The Insiders Keep On. This is an epic album, highlighting the breadth and depth of both the current drum & bass circuit and Randall’s handle on the music.

The hugely anticipated Pieces album from DJ Randall on his Mac 2 imprint is nearly with us. With guest tracks from the likes of Bladerunner, Coolhand Flex, Jaybee and some sick 2015 re-edits of some 90’s classics, this album is sure to put Randall back at the top of D&B pile. Friendly Piranha are exclusively booking tour dates in April and May to showcase the album.

The DJ’s DJ, Randall is always hugely in demand, so move quick if you want to be part of the Pieces tour. For all the latest info, head to the Friendly Piranha website

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