Kraftwerk announce a new album

House | Thursday 13th June 2013 | jim


So Kraftwerk have announced they are going to finally make another album. Could the rumours possibly be true? Well front man, and the only original member, Ralf Hütter, seemed to suggest so to the Guardian earlier this week.

After finishing a multi-night residency at the Sydney Opera house and playing a huge 3D live set at the Tate modern in London, Hütter seemed to suggest they were now free to concentrate on a record. The live shows featured back-to-back performances of all eight albums so far, and Hütter said, “Now this is done, one to eight, we can focus on nine.”

However, when asked for some sort of time for release he gave a decidedly vague answer: “Of course its music nonstop…”

Having heard another album may be in the pipeline, fans may be salivating with excitement. But perhaps you should pull your jaw of the ground and hold your breath as the group have been teasing fans with a new album since 2009.

The band headline Sonar festival this weekend, so if you’re lucky enough to have tickets make sure you see them. 


Here is a classic song by the group -


Written by Jim Roberts