House Artist of the Month : Seth Troxler

House | Tuesday 11th June 2013 | Keshav


Seth Troxler recently stormed RA's poll of top 100 DJ’s. The superstar DJ grew up in Michigan and first picked up house music when he was 8.  With both his mother and father prominent figures of the scene during his childhood it's no surprise that when he jumped on the decks at 16 he was instantly regarded as one of the hottest up and coming talents in North America. Aware that Europe’s house music scene was one of the best in the World the young DJ moved to Berlin to further his career.  Troxler attributes his success to his friends and claims that without them he would not be as ‘cool’ as he is today, he describes them as an integral part of his journey.

Seth Troxler is a person that dosen’t take himself or his music too seriously. Despite playing sold out shows all over the world he still somehow manages to have fun. In a recent intweview he said ‘DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SERIOUSLY! Oh and comfort is supreme! TRUST that bazing!’ Reading his interviews one wouldn’t be ignorant to think that the house artist has a very laid back approach to life and his general persona. However don’t let this fool you because when Troxler comes to the decks his sets are nothing short of flawless. You can clearly tell that this is a man who knows exactly what he’s doing.  The DJ has been working with the same group of people since his years at school. Troxler tells of how he sometimes used to go straight from school to DJ at some of Detroit’s hottest nightclubs and parties. In 2000 he teamed up with pal Ryan Crosson to start the sheesh club. In an interview with RA he claims

We got really sick of going out because everything was getting quite boring, repetitive, kind of the same, you know? No one was really into the new music that we'd been fortunate to hear coming to Europe. There were a lot of us on the same wavelength so we ended up having this deep concept phase for about four months where we took lot of acid and did "research" about all the old records we really liked’ 

All the acid evidently had a profound impact on his music and really makes it unique. Take his hit 'Hurt' for example and you can clearly spot the Berlin influence rubbing off along with a varied range of production techniques. Listen to EP Panic, Stop Repeat! and it will give you a tour inside the mind of a house pioneer. His sound is different yet embraceable. All his tracks show off a different ability to his production. You can also see why he sells out clubs in Europe and America week in week out, the music is very easy to move to and enthusiastic ravers will love this new sound. His songs are also very easy to remix which allows other DJ’s to start experimenting and break into the competitive scene. Troxler has very much established himself as a household name in Berlins superb clubs. His continuous 78 minute mammoth mix also proved to be mind blowing. Although not yet a household name Troxler is certainly making more than waves when it comes to the house scene. After years of shows it finally seems he’s getting the recognition he deserves. With every show he plays and every EP he releases he’s sure to get better and be an integral part of Berlin nightlife for years to come! An album shouldn't be too far away for this superstar.

Keshav Kapoor