Travelling to Asia is becoming Uncool.

Monday 3rd June 2013 | Alex



What are the scores of one-of-a-kinders going to do?

Travelling Asia is easy – it’s expensive but if everyone’s doing it (and they are, by the way) then it must be. It’s always been for the Buddhist-converted, tantra-practicing creature; now it’s just like Spain.

I’m not happy about it, it’s just how it works – as Spain became popular it became uncool. It was a cultural hostpot - well, still is – the culture hasn’t disappeared but mutants have appeared, and consequently the sandal-wearers have made way for the Lonsdale-wearers. Now, the first half are in Asia and the second are on their way. It’s silly that it works like this: you’ll catch people saying things like ‘we have to go quickly, before it’s ruined by tourism!’ – they’re all hypocrites. By their own fucking measures them visiting a city makes it a less cool place. 

People don’t travel just to be cool, but once they spot a ‘Keep Calm and Kundalini!’ tee you can bet they’ll be straight out of there – “Someone’s put that there. I’ve never seen that book before in my life”, they’ll insist.

What’s next, then? Maybe they’ll all go back to Spanish beaches - for something to be cool now it needs to have been really, really uncool a few years ago (you’ve probably spotted the Diadora trainers). Or they’re in a nether-zone – gangs of chinos (edgy kids wear chinos too, but cool chinos) in Spain, some in Asia – where’s left? They don’t have a plan, but they never do – they’re just so unpredictable.



Written by Alex Dean - @AlexDean94