Icicle Under The Ice Review

Drum and Bass | Thursday 31st March 2011 | Osh

The opening track to this album is just that; it’s like the beginning of a show, an introduction to the rest of the album, it’s quite experimental and not necessarily what you would normally expect from Icicle but it has a good build up to it. There are a couple of just straight Drum n Bass tracks on here that are essential really and give it that Icicle feel; Drednaught featuring SP:MC is a wicked track with SP’s bars really merging well with the Drum n Bass beat. Top Of The Page is also more of a typical Icicle track with quite a long bassline going through the whole track in a sort of conventional Icicle way. There are a couple of very dark techno tracks on here like Nausea and Bitter Taste; they are quite experimental and sound very cold and edgy. The outro does exactly what it’s meant to do, it brings the mood down from the hype of the album; it’s quite dreamy and laid back and is a good ending to an album which is overall filled with a commendable assortment of Drum N Bass, Techno and Dubstep.