London Elektricity Yikes! Review

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 30th March 2011 | Osh



Yikes is London Elektricity’s first release for three years and it has been worth the wait; the album has taken two years to make and features the fittingly soothing vocals of Elsa Esmeralda; the first track Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm is a simple but appropriate opening for the album.
Some highlights in the album for me are Yikes which a track that would sound brilliant being blasted in a club with it’s obvious Drum and Bass sounds that I’m sure would bounce off the walls nicely in a room full of ravers. Round The World In A Day is another high point; the first minute of the track was recorded in 1978 by London Elektricity on an Akai real to real tape recorder making it a vintage beauty; it’s upbeat and is put together really nicely, it also features KJ Sawka from Pendulum on the drums. The album overall is a great mixture of chilled out tunes with the lovely voice of Elsa making easy listening even easier and some great soon to be classic Drum and Bass tracks; I would definitely recommend it.
Every Friday in the run up to the release of Yikes (April 25th) Hospital Records will be unveiling a brand new video here this is a great place to find out everything you need to know about the album, videos and DJ dates plus a whole lot more.