Dnb artist of month B- Complex

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 13th February 2013 | Annalisa


First discovered by Drum and Bass legend Tony Coleman in 2008, the Slovakian-born drum and bass whizzkid is famous for such tracks as the magical yet badass Beautiful Lies which was released to critical acclaim in 2009 on the compilation Sick Music. From there his popularity began to snowball as he released more and more material that kept us jumping for the roof down in the clubs. His musical style varies from the humble yet pumping Winter to the more warm and loving, yet deep and soulful vibe of Girl with a Flower. Real name Matúš Lenický, he began producing tunes in 1996 from the surprising age of 12. Clearly Matus has had music on the mind since a young age and clearly a passion is felt in his tracks. Originally he was interested in Hardcore, Trance and Psytrance but eventually moved onto Downtempo and Hip Hop music, finally settling on the genre we know him best for; Drum and Bass. Since his discovery in 2008 B-Complex has released a slew of feet-stomping releases such as Little Oranges and Redemption. Hopefully one day he'll release a full-length album but until then all of us at the Guestlist will continue dancing away.


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