Tuning In: Pirate Radio

House | Wednesday 13th February 2013 | Harry


Project Radio 106.5FM. The UK’s Leading House & Techno Radio Station

If you love to rave all day and all night, but like me are not so keen on the need to constantly be choosing the next track, then this is the perfect radio station for you. Project London is a fast growing house and techno dedicated pirate radio station that delivers you solid, banging tunes all day. None of that Radio 1 bullshit with Taylor Swift crying into a microphone, just nonstop filth so the party never has to end. Check out the website where you can hear the radio live and even sign a petition to help them get a legal license for broadcasting. They also throw regular parties with the next one, an intimate underground party with Ion Ludwig, and a selection of their very own DJs, showing London these guys know how to party. It is on the 23rd February and you can get tickets from Resident Advisor now