Album of the Month: Somewhere Else, Indians

Thursday 7th February 2013 | Becca

Calling all Bon Iver/Mumford & Sons and Sigur Ros fans, you’ll love Indians.

With melancholy guitars strumming along the way and dreamy vocals, Søren Løkke Juul may be compared to Bon Iver as they are both from similar places with a similar sound, but we should not compare for too long, and give the guy a chance.

The best track of the album is a track, called ‘Cakelakers’. Starts off with your standard guitar riffs that will make your toes tap, and there is not much percussion involved, which gives it an easy-listening vibe, which can be said of the whole album to be honest. It has a folk music feel.

‘La Femme’ introduces some percussion, and makes the album feel a different kind of atmosphere, we’re not cruising down the italian riveria  of folk music in the height of summer anymore, we’re being uplifted in a climatic embrace, of synth-pop.


Each song has it’s own genre, albeit all of them dreamy and ambient sounding. Juul has developed an eclectic sound here. This album will take you to all kinds of different places.