Bookstock festival sounds Warmy

Other | Friday 10th August 2012 | Osh

Shoretdich is definitely a nest of good events. The Book Club presents Bookstock fetival, a half a day party in Leonard Street. The ecclectic lineup looks more than very attractive. The event is free entry all day with limited participation, so you better book your tickets soon otherwise you'll sit on the sidelines.

We will be waiting for you on the spot, probably in front of the soundsystem, at Bukowski grill or at the Book Club's outdoor bar. See you on Sunday August 26th with Dub Pistols live, We Were Evergreen live, a French trio who performs innovative crossing between indie and folk music, using guitar and children's instruments for a subtle and sweet result.


WE WERE EVERGREEN live @ NOVA by Novaplanet

We will also assit to a live of the brilliant and shifted Bikini Beach Band, an extravagant group which will impress you if you like kitsch and almost psychedelic remixes whith electric guitars and drums for a Surf rock sound.


In addition, a DJ set from Fleetmac Wood, who describe themeselves as a DJ collective and party dedicated to re-edits and originals of Fleetwood Mac. Honnestly, we thank them for being part of those kinds of people who can still innovate:



A Dj set from Chupacabra, London based trio that we really like. Please have a listen and let us know what you think :



The Disco Shed , who are used to receive a good feedback from the public, just beacause they have talent!