EVENTS's Expensive Waste

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 2nd August 2012 | Osh


The government have achieved their plan of making the action of throwing a plastic bottle or cereal box into a normal bin completely taboo and possibly on a par with kicking a puppy. However, with this success, the image of recycling has progressed from something coolly associated with hippies and Camden-ers to something more associated with the images of David Cameron and Boris Johnson on their bikes. David looking embarrassingly Dad like in his slightly unzipped fleece, and Boris looking... well... #batshitcrazy. has decided, in light of this, that recycling needs a new image.  He has collaborated with Coca-Cola and other companies to create a cool, “aspirational yet attainable" recycled brand, cleverly (cough) named Ekocycle. One of the products of Ekocycle will be a new version of the Dr. Dre headphones, made from recycled bottles and retailing at $349.

I’m sorry what part of $349 headphones are “attainable”? If anything these Ekocycle headphones will persuade costumers away from green living, retailing at about a hundred pounds more than the original Beats headphones. How can a few old coke bottles cost $349?

But we can hardly find ourselves too disappointed in light of this terrible attempt to encourage recycling.  Let’s face it, who was actually relying on to prevent Global Warming? He recently travelled to a conference on Climate Change in a helicopter. Well done Will!

So that leaves us with Boris as our only hope! Now that’s a clothing line I would like to see.

Mallory McDonald