Spanish Influence

Monday 11th June 2012 | Osh



When I say Spain, you probably think of the hard-core partying destinations. Well, today is all about relaxation and sometimes you want to get away from the party hard scene (the rarest of rare occasions).


From Ibiza to Mallorca you know you’re going to have your nights full of cock…tail glasses and your days full of dangerous and thrilling water sports. It’s probably why some of the most famous Spanish Islands are your number one choice; you already know what to expect. Luckily for you, we know there are more than those holiday spots and the adventure should be in exploring an unknown place. A bit like getting lost in the woods (hopefully not at scary!) and finding a way out.


Sometimes the mainland has more to offer someone who wants to take to the dance floor AND see the sights. Jump on a cheap Ryanair flight and make your way to the sunny and seductive Alicante. White sands and an exhaustive promenade will keep you satisfied in daylight and in a truly intoxicating alcohol slumber when the stars make a grand entrance. It’s always a good idea to go to the informations desk and see what the luxurious city has to offer you. From jet ski’s to catamarans that will keep you fed with a sizzling BBQ and a sea dive, the list is exhaustive.


If you want to escape into even further peace then Lloret De Mar will cater to all your needs. Sand that makes a stronger mark than bleached white chalk should always be scattered over your body. Whether you want to be buried in sand or go on a right royal stampede, knocking down all the castles that architects spent so long building Lloret is a beautiful city. You can take a day trip to Barcelona which is only 40 minutes away by car or to one of the two large water parks that reside just outside the city.


Be adventurous and be a little dangerous. I mean, there’re memories to be made, so make sure they’re the kind you wouldn’t tell your children.


Arti Rajput