Jamais Vu Spotlight: Jumpin Jack Frost

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 29th May 2012 | Osh

DJ heavyweight Jumpin Jack Frost will be gracing Jamais Vu this coming Sunday 3rd June. 

JJF played an integral role in the first half of the '90s for drum n' bass music, as both DJ and producer. His own label, V Recordings, is a central force for the genre, releasing material under such names as Roni Size, Krust and Ray Keith - but before all this, Frost would spin reggae and funk in the '80s, when he began co-hosting a show on Passion FM with Gee. Acid house then took to the spotlight in the latter years of the decade, where Frost and Gee would promote the fresh new sound right through its progression into hardcore, and when drum n' bass was eventually born from this in '93 / '94, Frost became a champion of the genre during his stints as a DJ. 

Keeping the harder, darker sound of drum n' bass through to the 2000s, Jumpin Jack Frost's DJ slots are absolutely something to anticipate. If you're a fan of the art form, or just keen to dance yourself stupid, come celebrate the Jubilee in style with London's most exclusive night out - with Jumpin Jack Frost at Jamais Vu.