Natty Mixtape

Reggae | Sunday 27th May 2012 | Osh


Here at the Guestlist Network we’ve been given an exclusive of Natty’s new mixtape ‘Out of Fire’.

After being out of the scene for a while, Natty hits back with this mixtape of an eclectic mix of urban influences with an unbelievable soulful sound and taking dub to a new level. The intro starts with a nostalgic blend of songs from influential times, The insightful and thought provoking intros lead to ‘Selassie Clarity’ which delivers an electronic reggae which has chilling vibes to zone out to. Leading on to songs like ‘Negus mix’ which samples the Kings of Leon feels like a mature lullaby, almost like chicken soup for your soul. ‘Little Lizzy’ is absorbed in the London atmosphere, which Natty grew up in, and claims ‘she says I’m the best lover in town’, well well those words have to be proved Natty! The songs ‘King Had A Dream’ is one of the only purely acoustic songs on the mixtape which is always lovely, and ‘Down by the Waterside’ combine traditional percussion well placed synths a feast for your ears! ‘Change’ which was the feature track on Natty’s EP, has had several successful remixes and howls out that ‘change don’t come in a day’ good to listen to when your looking in the mirror trying to loose weight. My personal favourite ‘Around here son’ which is like a lot less aggressive planB track but oozes London as well as old skool sounds in the mix. Then we have ‘Alarm Bells’ which is already available for download and is just a taster for what is yet to come! The final track ‘Afrika’ speaks volumes of Rastafari and does compel you to go to Africa! As GN have been told that this mixtape is literally a small preview of an Album yet to come which is being recorded between England and Tuff Gong records Jamaica. With a unique sound which cannot be classed under any genre and a voice which feels like chocolate melting on your mouth, Out Of Fire is certainly one for the ipod. Someone make me pay for this!

Out of Fire is available FREE on download from from 28th May.