Morning Parade Interview

Indie | Friday 16th December 2011 | Osh


Two years ago, Morning Parade were trapped in a variety of dead-end jobs. Their thoughts were of career advancement and growing up, but music had always been a cornerstone, a passion that stopped real life closing them in. Now they are releasing their new single ‘Under the Stars’ on the 22nd of November and we got the chance to ask the up and coming band a few questions...

Where did the name Morning Parade come from? 

Morning Parade came about when we were having a fun night out - clubbers going home at 6 in the morning crossing the paths with people on their way to work doing their day to day things. It’s where something ends as another begins. It felt right at the time and it stuck.

How did you all meet?

Phil and Steve went to secondary school together and Steve met  Chad at college while studying a music course. Ben and Andy were in other bands in the local scene.

Who would you say is the most creative out of all of you?

Steve is very creative across all the instruments, but we all work hard and are as creative as each other. We're always swapping instruments when we're jamming. 

If you had 3 words to describe your sound which would you use? 

Anthemic, Euphoric, Rock

There are so many Indie-Rock bands around - what makes you different to all the others? 

I think its the massive blend of styles and influences that we share, we don't all share the same tastes musically, so it makes for interesting arrangements/arguments. I hope with the album we can show a good cross section of what we're into and what we can do. I think the blend of styles gives us a lot of freedom to go forwards in any direction we like... more guitars or more synths or something completely different...

What advice would you give to unsigned bands?

Stick to your guns, trust your gut and don't be precious with your songs, be brutal when judging your work and most of all make something you are proud of.

So we heard you are from Essex...have you managed to catch an episode of The Only Way Is Essex? if so what are your thoughts? 

Haha, It's fast becoming a guilty pleasure...

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why?

Richard Branson- I wanna see what's up with that galactic thing he's up to. £100,000 a go.... chicken oriental.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Literally no idea, things are happening so quickly at the moment that we can't really tell you what we're going to be doing in a year let alone 5. Most importantly we hope we're still enjoying making music and hopefully making music far superior to what we're doing now, who knows?  An Ivor Novello would be nice.