Bushman Interview

Reggae | Wednesday 16th November 2011 | Annalisa

Guestlist managed to interview one of the most authentic Roots artist in Reggae, Bushman aka Dwight Duncan.  He happily gave his time to talk to us about his new album, dedicated to Peter Tosh.

When did you start to work on this new album? Did you get the idea to do it yourself?
I’ve been starting to work on this album since late 2008.  It’s been a while...Yeah because at one time to take on the tasks by myself...It was a bit tremendous, you know, the pressure.  So for a while, I was just chilling until Donovan Germain heard me talk about the project and gain interest, y’know?

The track ‘Lighthouse’ on your album Signs, was the starting point of this album idea. Is that right?
The idea came to me when Lighthouse was released on Signs album (released in 2005). People were hearing it and they were saying it sounds a lot like Peter Tosh, then I was approached by Glen Brownie (who is great, great bass player out of Jamaica also known from the Brownie Bunch, Danny Brownie etc.) who came up with “Buck-In-Ham-Palace.” I told them I wanted to do a project still, I broke it to them that I would like to do a project called Bushman sings the Bush Doctor! A tribute, you know? After the release of “Buck-In-Ham-Palace” it wasn’t mentioned and we lost contact for a while and Donovan Germain came into the picture. He overheard my conversations and he said he like the sound of it.

Peter Tosh was clearly a musical influence. Did he influence your life?
You most definitely, ever since I was a child. Peter Tosh use to get a lot of bad publicity because he exercises freedom of speech.  What this project does is that it introduces some of Peter’s fans who don’t know about Bushman. Some of Bushman’s fans who hear about Peter are not aware about the great songs he wrote. It gave them a chance to hear what Peter was really about, so this album does both.
What are your top 5 albums?
Bob Marley - Exodoes; Dennis Brown - Overproof; Luciano - Messenger; Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man; Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey & Peter Tosh - Nuclear War.

How did you start? Do you remember your first studio session and who was the producer?
I was 16, in 1988! That’s when I really took the music to the next level. I was still going to school but because Jamaica is a third world country, or the development is kinda slow, it took a while for the schools to be redeveloped and stuff. So for a while, I wasn’t going to school and I did what I know best! We used to have beach parties, and wild, for entertainment, wet T-Shirt contests, Dj contests...I used those platforms to get popular in my area to go in contests and the DJ contests. I was always a winner you know, if I didn’t come first, me haffi come second. But I preferred to be first. In those times, King Jammy was the man! Artists such as Daddy Blue, RIcky Stereo, Beenie Ma, Risto Benji, Sanchez ‘Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone’ was my favourite song (sings acapella). I remember this chick called Foxy Brown who did a reggae cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ track (sings another mint acapella and few more) (laughs).

Which artist from the new generation do you rate at the moment?
Queen Ifrica! She’s my artist man! You know her album Montego Bay? It’s a beautiful concept.

Are you active on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter?
Yeah Man! Nyahmanbushman right a twitter deh, and Facebook Dwight Duncan or Facebook fanpage Bushman...I actively chat to my people. To interact gives you inspiration.

Are there any new projects coming up or any tours?
Yeah, well right now we are focusing on the promotion of Bushman sings the Bush Doctor. We want to give Bushman sings The Bush Doctor time and space to go. Although there is a next project already here that is called ‘The Conquering Lion.’
The people can link my website for my booking agents contact. There will be a Spring tour in US from early April until early May; Australia should be late May. Oh the 17th of February we are touring with South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay), we are working with Rototom Festival in Spain. I’m representing Reggae outta Jamaica for Rototom contest in South America too.

Tell us about Burning Bushes Music?
It was there in Thoughts and Mind, and came out about the same time Signs album came out. It’s a recording and artist management company. We are recruiting new young talents, but first we are getting Bushman out there so we have a base to bounce from.