Official music video - Melinki & Demure – Never Coming Down feat. Damien Soul

Drum and Bass | Monday 15th December 2014 | CHEF

Official music video​ Melinki & Demure – Never Coming Down feat. Damien Soul 

[Emcee Recordings]

To mark their debut release on the mighty Emcee Recordings Melinki & Demure present The Never Coming Down EP with vocal features from Damien Soul, Kinsella & Ben Beatham .

The video for NCD is a fun light hearted look at life as portrayed but the two charters in the video!

Damien Soul's vocals just cut through the lead track on this 4 track ep this head nodder of a tune cuts just like butter, this duos productions just get better and better.

With full support from Marky, Storm, Doc Scott, Fabio, to name a few. Goto to hear all the latest!