UKIP Kerry's continual controversial cockups

Other | Monday 15th December 2014 |


Yet another blunder for the party who seem to think immigrants are responsible for everything from ebola to the extinction of the dinosaurs, as UKIP’s Kerry Smith is forced to resign his candidacy for a top target seat.


Smith was forced to resign (after already once being deselected for the position, but claiming it back when his female successor resigned claiming she was sexually assaulted by another UKIP member) after being recorded in a phone conversation calling gay party members “disgusting poofters” calling for a “peasant hunt” in chigwell to shoot poor people, and referring to a Chinese man as a “chinky bird”.


There is speculation that this recent story was leaked by party members due to an internal power struggle in the party. The question remains as to how on earth UKIP manages to continue to brush off the continuing torrent of blunders that would cripple any other party, and to how they continue to gain support.