60 Seconds with... Asking Alexandria

Indie | Tuesday 16th August 2011 | Annalisa

We caught up with lead guitarist Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria on their latest Vans Warped Tour

What are your plans for after the tour?
Writing the next album and touring Australia, America, the UK and and Europe.

What’s the most reckless thing you’ve ever done?
Well the other day I got drunk and ripped a TV off the hotel wall, stole it and brought it to our tour bus.

Why did you cover a song by Akon last year?
It was a big joke really; we thought it would be funny to do a Metal version of a Pop tune.

Is there anyone you’d be interested in covering in the future?
Yeah, we’re thinking of doing a whole cover album of ‘80s rock songs.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Oh f*ck...probably ‘People = Shit’ by Slipknot.

If you were exiled to a desert island in the middle of nowhere, which 2 famous people would you take with you?
Kate Beckinsale because she’s fit and Jesus because he could turn all the water into wine and we could have a good time.

If you were invisible for a day, what would you get up to?
I’d spend the day in Kate Hudson's shower.

Finally, if you could fill a swimming pool with anything you liked, what would it be?
Jelly. I bet everybody says that but I really want to know what it feels like to jump into a pool of jelly.

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