An Interview with: Jordan V

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 29th April 2014 | Bloddick

We met Liquid V, who kept us updated with the latest news around Plan B and the music that will keep us dancing during the summer. 


 How's things?

All good man. Keeping busy. Got lots going with various releases and nights coming up, so good times.


Enjoying sunshine?

Don't know how long it'll last but whilst it's here I'll embrace it.


What's new with the label?

Things are good. Lots going on. Lots of new artists on across the 4 labels.


How's the vibe at Plan B? that venue seems to be the spot right now!

Plan B has always been the spot as far as I'm concerned. It's popping off right now with some really strong nights and not only Jungle ones. But people forget we were the first Drum n Bass promoters in there 10 ago with a monthly Sunday, but then people were only going out in Brixton if you were from Brixton, because of the stigma. But now Brixton is en vogue and everyone is partying there. The club itself has always been one of my favourite venues. Great sound system, good size, good space and looks nice without being too west endy. I think it works really well for what we are trying to do, which is play good bass heavy Drum n Bass music that people can dance their socks off to.


What music would you advise us to look out for over summer?

Mr Joseph has an album due out later this year and we're really excited about that. We have some really strong albums over the last few years with the likes of Kabuki, Eveson, David Boomah, Utah Jazz and I think this will be the next one of real quality music. Deeizm has some stuff she working on with dRamatic due this summer and we're really big fans of her and been waiting for a long time to get something from her. We're working with a new artist called Trac, look out for him. And Dr Meaker has another biggie coming as well as our annual Club Sessions.


What are you most looking forward to?

I think Paul T and Edward Oberon are gonna smash it, really looking forward to seeing what they bring. It's their first time playing at a V party and I know they're really excited and have something special for the crowd. Fabio knows how to play to a V crowd and never disappoints and Deeizm is one of my favourite vocalists too - I like that doesn't try to MC or be a man. She does her and does it very well and I think it'll work with our crowd. IC3 is a one of the most versitile MC's out there. He can do the a big rave double time thing, but also host a room with interaction and knows when to let the music do the work. Deefa and Mr Joseph are part of the team and Bryan G well I think everyone knows what Bryan G does at V parties - pure newness. But I'm looking forward to that vibe that is created at V parties. Call me biased but I don't see many parties creating the kind of atmosphere that we do.


What was the last thing that inspired you?

I just get inspired by people doing better than me. I think we can all raise levels if we are constantly doing better than the previous day. The people around me inspire me, whether they're journalists, musicians, designers etc.


What should we know about Jordan v right now?

Hahaha, great question. But not quite sure how to answer that. Just know that I'm about working extremely hard and partying even harder. Come say hello, all.