"Under The Electric Sky" - EDC Festival documentary

House | Wednesday 23rd April 2014 | Osh

Back in 1997, Electric Daisy Carnival in LA held its 1st EDC event. Fast forward to 2014, and they are now dominating the festival scene from Las Vegas to London with no signs of stopping. 

January 2014 saw the debut of “Under The Electric Sky”, Insomniacs EDC documentary. Focused around the music, and experience that is part of every EDC event, and with EDC UK coming to Milton Keynes in July, this documentary encapsulates what EDC is all about.

Launched in 1997, Electric Daisy Carnival was first held in Los Angeles, much to the delight of its initial crowd of a few thousand electronic music fans. Since then, it has grown into a global phenomenon. As it returns to the UK for the second time this year, EDC brings together the most important and influential names in EDM culture with stunning production, art installations and attractions. And this film shows the magic in all its glory.

The small crowd that were privileged to be at the midnight screening at Sundance film festival this year gave it a positive thumbs up, and apparently there was a great crowd reaction.

Insomniac CEO and Mastermind, Pasquale Rotella said. “I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We’ve been filming for years, but [have] never been able to put something out of this quality.”

Under The Electric Sky will hopefully debut before EDC Las Vegas, but Insomniac (EDC Organisers) are still currently trying to thrash out a distribution deal for the film's release. They are hoping to have it in theatres by May 2014.

Production duo Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz brings this brilliant documentary to 3D life by seeing what happens behind the scenes of such an immense party. This film celebrates the music and lives of all the individuals that make up the EDC crowd. Prepare to free yourself and get ready as the Electric Daisy Carnival rolls into Milton Keynes Bowl this summer.


Electric Daisy Carnival UK

Show Date: Saturday 12th July and Sunday 13th July 2014

Venue: The National Bowl, Watling Street, Milton Keynes MK5 8AA

Doors: 12:00 / curfew 23:00

Age Restrictions: The event is strictly 18+ (Photo ID is required) *Subject to license and planning