London - Best of Brick Lane – 5 Best Art Galleries in East London

Thursday 30th January 2014 | Maggie Roby

London has always been though of as a city with great art. Londoners and tourists alike are all familiar with the great museums and galleries that this city offers. Places like the Tate Britain, the V & A, are great places to go if you want to walk through a quiet museum, battling tourists to see something you’ve seen a thousand times in an art book. But if you want to see something you’ve never seen before in the freshest and most up and coming area in London, than look no further than this article. East London and the area around Brick Lane is known for being a place for up and coming artists, designers and creators. So, its only fitting that some of the best new art and artists can be found here. 

The Brick Lane Gallery at 196 Brick Lane is a contemporary fine art gallery with a beautiful exhibition space that showcases artist from all over the world. The gallery usually presents a wide variety of exhibitions like solo-shows and groups shows using all mediums. Their upcoming exhibit is contemporary painting, which features the work of Alex Morton, Dimitra Vivelli, Ellie Depp, Elisenda Vila, and Joanna Dudziak, to name a few. 

Our second recommended gallery is Pictures on Walls, which is a gallery space, and art shop that mainly focuses on the exhibition and sale of art from well-known street artists like Banksy, Space Invader, EVOL, and Cyclops. Their last exhibit featured the artwork of Shok-1, the art from which is available for sale. 

Pure Evil is an East End street art and graffiti gallery that features the work of artist Pure Evil himself as well as other international street artists. This gallery focuses on the principles of the contemporary street art world and are interested in pushing the boundaries of art as well as experiential film and live music sessions. 

The Stolen Space Gallery on 17 Osborn Street shows a wide range of artists and mediums. Their upcoming exhibit is “Back to Black” by C215, which focuses on stencilled images and is inspired by the streets of London. The artist C215 goes back to the basics by using stencils and eliminating colour from his palette in order to create a stark image. It’s an exhibit certainly worth seeing. 


When talking about art in East London, we would be crazy not to mention the vast amount of street art that can be seen in and around Brick Lane. One of the biggest draws of the East London area is the new and eclectic art that can be seen on every corner. So for our last gallery recommendation, we’d like to recommend that you pop down to Brick Lane and take in the art that decorates this great part of London. 

For a day out on the town in London, why not see something new. New galleries with new artists and great exhibitions can all be found in East London. Whether you want to see something in a gallery or on the street there is plenty to choose from. So go forth and explore, and most of all, enjoy new art!