Economic boom welcomes Brits to New Zealand

Other | Monday 9th December 2013 | Aimée

Fancy swapping the raging winds and rain for an array of sunshine and beautiful greenery, then now is the time to pack your bags and head to New Zealand. With an economic boom on the cards according to Migration specialists, the country is in need of skilled workers for construction, retail and utilities.

According to The International Monetary Fund’s annual World Economic Outlook, New Zealand is expected to reach a 1.7% growth above the average for advanced economies in 2013.

More Brits than ever are recorded to have traded in their standard living in a struggling economy for a comfortable lifestyle with higher salaries and a lower living cost, leaving them extra pennies for the finer things in life. In one of the worst unemployment epidemics the UK has seen in recent years, New Zealand are proud to open it’s doors to the struggling Brits looking for a life of prosperity and scenic accompaniment.