Lady Leshurr-drops Mona Leshurr

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 1st November 2013 | Natasha

It’s a fact that the femcee game across the globe is not as rich as it once was-yes we have Nicki Minaj who truly stands astride the femcee game-she is the bar (in terms of global reach) that femcee want to reach. So who could do a Nicki Minaj without having to drop a bubble gum cellophane wrapped bit of commercial bars-enter Lady Leshurr?

She’s got that sexy playful swagger that is enticing yet importantly she drops bars upon bars for her growing fan base that are street without the need for chat of murdering the next emcee.

Her album which is out now is the suitably named, Mona Leshurr a project she calls “a work of art that I am really happy with”. It promises the type of full throttle blustering bars we are getting used to from the Birmingham femcee but it also offers something playful: “ I want to bring the fun aspect of the game because no one in the UK is doing that”.

Guestlist got some time with Lady Leshurr to talk about playful music amongst other things!

I follow you on twitter and you are always receptive to your fans-that is a great look!

I really do try and do that because I think the followers deserve it. The key is to keep in contact with your supporters personally I feel that just one tweet to them can make their day and so why not. If they have taken the time to download your music buy your stuff and support you then why not just say thank you-it’s a really good look.

You have your own label Gutterstrut-were you always intent on taking care of the business side of music yourself?

Yes definitely- since a young age really I have been business minded-I have always known how to advertise myself and just get things done. It makes feel more grounded as well; setting up my label, releasing music independently. When I get to where I want to be then I can take on artists and help them to release their music as well-I really love helping people and so it will be something that I will want to do.

So there is no one else on the label?

No-at the moment it is just me because I want to work on myself and get my music out there but there will be an EP by Paigey Cakey that will be released from my label.

Oh yes you and Paigey are as thick as thieves!

Well we are just cool now-I have helped her to get to where she needs to be and now she is moved on to work with Chipmunk’s people-she’s in a good position. I know that I can die knowing that I have helped other people and I like that.

So in terms of helping other artists you are going to be repping Birmingham no doubt!

I definitely want to help to push the Birmingham scene-Birmingham is in blood. There are so many people from Birmingham who are doing really well and so every time I do an interview I always try and mention people that are active in Birmingham. That is the only thing that I can do right now that will help them because I am not really in a position myself to push them-I am in an ok place but I still have so much to do right now.

Name drop?

C4 I always mention him because he has been doing his thing for so long and I think he is so talented (he can sing as well) he is amazing. His brother Preditah who is doing his thing, Bass Boy, Vader-I always mention him because he put me through when I was coming up so I will never forget him. I f I ever get where I want to be then I will definitely pull him [Vader] through he taught me and inspired me when I was coming up.

I actually spoke to you back in the day when you were in the film 1Day- are you going to be doing anymore acting?

Oh yes definitely I will get into that more because now I have made a bit of a name for myself and so I can start to venture out more now. My last music video I put out in fact I was acting and all the rest of the videos I will put out will be me acting. I have just been signed to an Acting Agency in fact and that was just due to the BBC prom thing and so they could see I could act from then really.

So let’s get talking about Mona Leshurr!

Well Mona Leshurr is a nine track EP which you can order from I-tunes now. Basically the concept is the famous picture of Mona Lisa and it is called Mona Leshurr because it is a work of art and it is my first piece of crafted masterpiece that I cannot wait for people to hear. I am really proud because I put it together myself and I feel really happy about it.

And what inspired it?

Definitely, I wanted that Missy Elliot type of Timbaland old skool vibe. I want to bring the fun aspect of the game to the UK because no one is doing that. I am just gassed really because so many artists are supporting it and so many people are backing it and so I really appreciate it.