FREE Vigil/Concert for India
@Bushnell Park

11 th June 2021
5PM - 7PM

@Bushnell Park | 5PM - 7PM

99 Trinity Street

@Bushnell Park

99 Trinity Street

FREE Vigil/Concert for India

It is a positive turn for India as many cities ease their Covid 19 lockdown restrictions. This is a step in the right direction for so many of us who's families have dealt with the hardships that the pandemic has brought upon us. With this intent, we come together as a community to pray that the worst is behind us and the healing can begin for all us. Many charities are beginning to allocate funds to assist families that have been left without earnings and promoting vaccinations for the population at large.
As of today, less than 5% of India's population is vaccinated. This leaves the country still vulnerable to a crisis should a third wave emerge.
Friday's Vigil/Concert For India is a dedication to the power of the people to make a difference... communities that come together can overcome difficult challenges.
Let's support, remember, educate and smile together at the Vigil/Concert for India this Friday, June 11 @ Bushnell Park Hartford 5-7pm.

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