World's Collide Launch - Chase and Status DJ Set with Rage, Fabio and Grooverider, Randall and More
@The Cause

Line Up: Chase and Status, Randall, Uncle Dugs, Daddy Nature

22 nd July 2021
12PM - 4AM

@The Cause | 12PM - 4AM

Ashley Road

@The Cause

Ashley Road

General Admission: GBP 20.0

World's Collide Launch - Chase and Status DJ Set with Rage, Fabio and Grooverider, Randall and More

Day: 12.00PM - 10.30PM
Chase and Status DJ Set with Rage
Fabio and Grooverider with GQ
Uncle Dugs - Navigator - Kara - Monaghan - Worries Outernational - Karl Karlson - Daddy Nature - Rolling Thunder - Shumba Youth - Chilli Dubs - ALNA - Blixa - KT - AMI - Phill - Footprint - Jamiu - Aum - Disdained - Will Silver - Flake - Supercharge

Night: 11.00PM - 05.00AM
DJ Randall with GQ - Particle - Paul T and Edward Oberon - Ilmatika - Monaghan b2b DJ Blite with Raptor MC and Taz-B - Katalyst - Enta - Kira - Kyro - AMA - Flake - Fleekee - Stezzy - Sabrina - Sheba Q - OKO - Artemis - Four Points - Steps - Goya

Introducing World's Collide - a new monthly Thursday night multi-genre exploration of UK sounds - launching Thursday 22nd July 2021 with a very special guest 90 minute DJ set from Chase and Status with Rage.

A new collaboration between The Cause, Modern Funktion and Motive Hunter, filling the void of legendary midweek sessions at Herbal, Bar Rumba and Plastic People. We kick the first in a new series of off-Peak parties with a two part epic on the first Thursday of dancing in almost 18 months.

Across day and night, the day party journeying from Dub to DnB with and exclusive 90 minute set from Chase and Status with Rage.

The night, will explore the darker sounds of the bass spectrum with some of London's best parties hosting, including Engage Audio, House of Hifi and Out The Box who bring the likes of Randall, Particle and more. ​

- Day and night parts of the event require individual tickets.
- Day tickets are only valid for the day and night tickets for the night.
- For Chase and Status with Rage you must have a ticket to the day.
- Night tickets will only be valid from 11PM for the night part of the event.
* Chase and Status will not be performing at the after party.

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Line Up/
Chase and Status
Uncle Dugs
Daddy Nature