4 th May 2021
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Every seasoned party-goer knows the secret ingredients to a great party. A phenomenal party will be a night to remember. However, the best parties are the ones that leave one disoriented but satisfied the following day.

To make a party truly pop, one has to get the ladies involved. The stage is set, and the pole is sizzling. The girls will bring the heels, the lipstick, and the spice to get the party going. Every boy gathered will down their first shot and realise this is a party for the real men.

Nobody can deny a party that promises topless waitress and strippers at service. It would be a party that would go down in history books. But what is stopping one from having gorgeous girls catwalk in their ramps? Namely logistical and financial hurdles.

Like everything in life, one must do some solid research before settling on the type of service ideal for a party. Yes, mate, believe it or not, there is, in fact, an itinerary!

However, one can find agencies for topless waitresses and strippers like Platinum Pinups that offer unparalleled services! What are these 'services'? Here's a list!


What kind of waitresses?

The topless kind. Nude waitresses.

They will be at the venue dressed in their sexy lingerie or nothing at all, serving drinks and canapés from a tray. If one is willing to go the extra mile, there are package deals of food and beverages served with the gorgeous girls. There is even a barbecue to complement 3-4 hours of topless fun.


Self-explanatory, strippers guarantee an x-rated show. Strippers are hired for everything from bachelor parties to bar mitzvahs. Once they strip, the mood is elevated. The common man is transported into a realm that transcends his comprehension. They only know them in the comfort of their screens. A beautiful stripper is a rare enough sight, let alone a topless waitress.

It takes experience to perfect the gyrations that would rock the audience. While it looks laughable, understanding the crowd is a master technique, and the best strippers always pull the strongest numbers. The best strippers are forever etched into memory and rarely forgotten.


Some of the best parties are thrown when the boat is no longer docked to a harbour. Cruise parties are the luxury of a lifetime. Nobody skips a cruise party. So there are now package cruise deals available. The soon-to-be-wed bachelor and his boys can now pick and choose the boat and the cruise. The sheer opulence of the cruise is left to one's choice. One can feel like a filmy megalomaniac basking in the golden hour and cruising through life and vibe to chill beats of a DJ in the background.


Contrary to popular belief, corporates can actually be fun, provided one knows how to hook up the right resources. A good party will stimulate the employees to persevere through a hangover, even on a Monday.

Ever been to a corporate party full of strippers, sexy waitresses, booze and much more? Does that feel like a fantasy?

Well, this is not a dream anymore.


Let us talk about poker nights. Sip the drink made by the sexy bartender. Enjoy the chips thrown by the host. Gamble it all surrounded by the sexiest women to have walked on earth.

History will remember a party so wild that the spirit will never die down for generations to come. 

About The Author: Zoya Maryam

Event Poster