RnB/Hip Hop Reggae

Middle Passage Festival Barcelona

2 nd September 2019

@Guzzo | 8PM - 10PM

10 Plaça Comercial


10 Plaça Comercial

Free to 10 Euro

Middle Passage Festival Barcelona

The Middle passage festival is coming up this September in one of Europe’s festival hotspots, Barcelona, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, listen up.

So what is this festival about? The global vision of this festival is to give an insight into the whole African diaspora which is Europe, the USA, Latin America, the Carribean as well as Africa. During the first week of September 2019, people come together to celebrate, discover and reflect the tradition of black culture through music, artwork, history, cuisine and more. The Middle Passage festival is a whole week of coming together with music, art exhibitions, all types of traditional foods and beverages!

The music will offer anything from Jazz to Hip Hop to Reggae by different live acts and various international Dj’s joining us for the main music session from Monday to Thursday.
On Saturday you get the chance to visit the exhibition “Spirits of the Middle Passage”, which is free, reflecting the traditional consequences of the transatlantic slave trade of the 18th century. Next to that will be some dance shows, live music and children’s workshops.
Starting with a documentary and going on with various speakers with different origins, Sunday will be the day of the conference with topics like black music and its impact on modern music and stereotypes that exist around black culture. The week’s gonna end with a unique aftershow party full of beautiful people and good vibes!
So see you around in a while!

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