Frankey & Sandrino drops a Family Piknik playlist for this weeks Guestlist Playlist

House | Tuesday 19th July 2022 |

We could not let the hottest day in the UK pass without matching it with a playlist which is absolute fire. This week we have Frankey & Sandrino, a German duo who have been making music together for just over a decade. Scheduled to perform at the first weekend for The Family Piknik in the South of France, the Berlin-based pair has compiled an exquisite selection of tracks for this week's Guestlist Playlist to celebrate their Family Piknik performance.


The Family Piknik team will offer two-weekend events in a row, from the 6th to the 14th of August. The first one will take place in the same venue as the Opening party, in the Lunel’s Arenas, 15 minutes east of Montpellier. Double act Frankey & Sandrino will perform the first weekend. 


Here we pick out 8 tracks that stand out for the summer of 2022.


1. Van Bellen - Let Me Take You [Epidrome]

Since its release in the nineties, I have had this track in my box, back then as an original 12“ later ripped on CD and now as a digital file. I play this one once in a while in long sets in the right atmosphere. Is this kind of track that makes me close my eyes and just let go. And you know what, the sound design and the actual quality of that song is still soooo good. Pure Ecstasy!


2. Imperieux - Kolorama [Sum Over Histories]

I just love Alper (Imperieux) nobody out there manages to get as deep under my skin as him. His psychedelic adult trancehouse is just the music I'm looking for and want to play. Kolorama has a super funky groove and in the right moment, it creates tears of joy and pure love with the right amount of energetic punch.


3. Michael Mayer - Device For The Young At Heart [Kompakt]

The Brainwave Technologie EP by Michael Mayer is one of my fave releases of 2021. It showcases so many different sides but always with the ability to touch my heart and soul and get into my head. DFTYAH makes me go deep inside, feeling melancholic but with right this of hope. Always in the box for all-nighters.


4. Red Axes & C.A.R. - 5 Min [Dark Entire Records]

Breaks + Acid + C.A.R. = Killer Cut! 


5. Greezer - Scream (Adrian Roman Remix)

Crazy percussive groove combined with outstanding sound design. Combined they create an intense hypnotic vibe that supports and enhances the unique Vocals of Greezer´s Original 'Scream' to another level. One of my favourite club tracks in 2021


6. Joseph Ashworth - Cobalt

Even though this track is simple at the first listen and pretty minimalistic, it somehow stays interesting and works on every dance floor in the world. One of these tracks that I didn’t fully understand before I played it the first time in a club. The stripped-down groove is infectious and its production quality is amazing.


7. Sofia Kourtesis feat Manu Chaop - Estación Esperanza

No matter how I feel, if I just listen at home or play it in a club, the groove and vibe of this tune brings me instantly into a good mood.


8. Eins Tiefer - Perspective

Punchy breakbeats combined with a simple but beautiful chord theme. Although just released at the end of April this year on Upon You, it feels somehow like a timeless classic.


Tickets for Family Piknik are here