South Korea's ATEEZ Are Planning An Anarchic Revolution This Summer

Other | Wednesday 29th June 2022 | Rhea

In a very different approach compared to the traditional marketing strategy for comebacks in k-pop, this mystery first kicked off earlier in the year whilst the boys were finally ready to start their 2nd sold-out world tour that had been postponed since 2020. Spotted around the concert venues were posters inconspicuously placed clearly only meant to stand out to fans who recognised the familiar symbols who would then take notice of the QR code which further lead to the discovery of a secret, unlisted teaser trailer entitled 'WAKE UP, THE WORLD' which towards the end flashed the vague date of 'JULY 2022' alongside a new more futuristically styled logo. Keep in mind that whilst fans were losing their minds over the cryptic trailer set to melodic 80's style synths (giving very strong Stranger Things vibes); the official social media accounts made no acknowledgement of this actually happening leading fans to the conclusion that this was in fact the artist's alter egos reaching out to them in order to recruit.

Needless to say the ATINY fanbase (comprised of ATEEZ + DESTINY) are loving this new approach despite also being clearly distressed by the months of radio silence ever since the trailer had been revealed whilst the JULY 2022 they'd been warned to prepare for was rapidly approaching. Coming as a shock to everyone, during a recording of SBS MTV THE SHOW's 300th episode for which ATEEZ would be performing a special stage after their previous hit UTOPIA has made a sudden resurgence in popularity, all attendees had received a mysterious digital poster titled 'PROPAGANDA' via AirDrop. Featuring yet another QR code, this time it lead to an audio file which seems to be a teaser indicating that this comeback will be bringing a much heavier sound reminiscent of their HALA HALA era with deep bass, an almost techno-style drum beat and police sirens mixed in which slowly fade out to the sound of a message in morse code, again another puzzle for atiny detectives to get to work on decrypting.

This isn't anything new for the fandom as ATEEZ have been well-known for incorporating mysteries, puzzles and secrets to uncover within their work however this is on a scale of which we've yet to see before. Fans have reportedly spotted the same posters received at the event having been uploaded onto official accounts only to be deleted less than a minute later as if somebody is trying to get the message out and are being actively censored. With July around the corner and still no official word on when this elusive and highly-anticipated comeback is set to occur we can only sit back and wait until we are called to join their underground movement which is bound to cause an unprecedented impact once revealed.