Something soulful to melt into your ears this summer: Talulah Ruby.

Acoustic, Instrumental | Wednesday 15th June 2022 | Rose

There is never a more important time of year for music than the summer. Festival season exposes us to new artists, more friends than ever are up for a dance, but arguably most importantly, it's the season where we need to find the BIG songs that match the mood.

If your summer mood is mellow and chill, Talulah Ruby is the perfect new artist to wrap around your ears.

After growing up in the Cayman Islands, Talulah Ruby moved to Dalston to study production and immerse herself in the vibrant East London music scene. On her Instagram, she shares her creative process, which is all about collaborating with friends, considering places and influences.


Her deep, earthy vocals blend soul, jazz and blues into songs that make you feel soft and comforted. Her voice is soulful and her lyrics are appreciative. They emanate the atmosphere of a dimly lit venue, with a quiet, anticipating crowd.

Her songs begin somewhere and take you on a journey that builds and builds. She calls to this herself, on her website: “Making my feelings your feelings and then packaging them nicely so that you can face your feelings and I can face you.” 



Through listening to her music, you can feel her feelings. But you can also feel your own, through the gentle guidance of her vocals.

Her most recent song, The Deep, with only 7500 Spotify listens, is your new go-to unheard track recommendation.

Deeply personal, thought-provoking, relatable yet peacefully soothing I Don’t Feel Like Me, feels like sharing your worries with a friend and receiving their wholehearted attention while listening back. 

For jazz lovers, if you listen to a Talulah song today, make it Hot Water.

Perfect for a warm day in the park, a Sunday evening, an East London venue. Make Talulah Ruby your sound of the summer.