This playlist from Marvel Riot is about kick-start your week

House | Monday 13th June 2022 | Nichola

So who the f&ck are Marvel Riot? Well, we can’t say too much about their identity, but we can tell you that Marvel Riot is an alias for two well-known producers who have a multitude of hits and a Grammy nomination between them. They have previously worked with the likes of IMANBEKJhene AkioSofia Reyes and Kiesza.


They kick off our week with a killer playlist that speaks volumes about their own musical heritage and inspirations. From Massive Attack to House Crew, it's clear to say that the 90s shaped the sound they are producing today.


They have also recently joined forces with Australian vocalist Celina Sharma on a new single called "Say You Want It".

 The track is a feel-good deep house gem based around a sample of UK garage hit ‘Do You Really Like It’ by DJ Pied Piper and Master of Ceremonies, which went to #1 in the UK in 2001.


Supafly - Let’s Get Down (Full Intention Mix)

This track was written on Christmas Day 2001 which was also the hottest day recorded in Australian history at the time - it was 46 degrees and I think the studio was even hotter!

Andrew (the vocalist from Supafly) was staying over at my house and asleep; I was in the studio working on this music idea. Andrew came running in; he loved the vibe, and we wrote the track in about 20 min. We used the first vocal take Andrew recorded as it sounded amazing. I don’t know what happened, maybe the temperature messed with his vocals (in a good way), or the track caught the sun…


The first version we did was a Pete Tong essential tune of the week. I’m a big fan of ‘Full Intention’ which is Jon Pearn & Michael Gray track. I asked if they would do a remix and they delivered a piece of magic!


I have so many stories about this track, I travelled the world touring with Supafly and met my beautiful wife, who booked us for an event (we now have two beautiful children), so I always consider this track as a gift from God.. plus, it always rips up the dance floor!


Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

Man, what can we say about this… pure genius! It’s the track you wish you wrote.

The groove is just so smooth and funky, and the hook is amazing. For us, this was a real key track in changing the direction of dance music. We love the analogue phaser kind of vibe going all the way through it.


Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hard Floor Edit)

For us, this track was the ultimate DJ tool which works in any generation, any culture and any decade.

The track has an infectious groove and just keeps building to a real climax at the end with the 303-bassline synth coming in.


Bicep - Glue

An absolute modern classic that has everything we love about electronic music - loads of emotion and wicked fat beats!


Strings Of Life - Rhythm Is Rhythm

If anyone ever asked us to play them an example of house music at its finest, this would be one of the tracks. Just such an amazing feel-good vibe.


SUB X - What You Do To Me

We Choose this track as we went back to our roots and produced a track using elements of the feel-good 90s. Hopefully, we gave people a slice of what we experienced.


D-Train - You’re The One For Me

Growing up learning to play keyboards I used to jam along to this one. It's so well produced with an amazing vocal arrangement. Everything has its place in the mix and all the keyboard parts fit perfectly.


M J Cole - Sincere

Love the production on this one with all the backwards textures going on.

This track really raised the game when it was released and definitely made us all want to produce better music!


Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

This track has such an awesome string arrangement, really moody in the verse and then uplifting in the bridge. We always tried to work with live strings whenever possible as they added a touch of class to our productions.

Back in the ’90s, remixing A-list artists, the labels would give us a budget for strings.

Thankfully, these days you can now pretty much do it yourself using samples.


Duke - So In Love With You (Full Intention Remix)

We chose this record as it’s one of my favourite Full Intention remixes.

Michael & I were in Rimini to DJ at a festival when we heard Duke soundcheck his original version.

We were blown away by the song and asked him backstage if we could do a remix.


Franky Wah - Come Together

For me, this record is the perfect combination of cool piano & uplifting vocals but with a twist of the 90s.

Franky’s whole Revival album is top-notch and definitely one of the inspirations for starting our other SUB-X project.


House Crew - Euphoria

This was our favourite hardcore record from the 90s as it has the perfect balance of light and shade within the arrangement. We always wanted to do something with breaks as all the music we were producing at the time was house and garage. Fast forward to 2020, we formed our other project SUB-X to try and bring back what we both loved about the 90s rave.