Boomtown the UK’s largest independent, theatrically led music festival launches resale tickets on Wednesday 9th March at 7PM

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 8th March 2022 | Becky

Boomtown, the UK’s largest independent festival, has today revealed a date for its ticket resale for Chapter One: The Gathering. Having embraced the chance to pause and reflect through the pandemic, the unique and progressive music and theatre based festival experience is back and even more magical than ever before.  After its two year hiatus and with over 98% of tickets sold, securing a ticket via the resale at 7 pm on Wednesday 9th March is the last opportunity to be a part of the festival in 2022.

The reset has brought pivotal changes that include an entire redesign, focus on the creative and the launch of the new storyline. The evolved look and feel of the festival and new city is set to take the experience to new heights. 

As a fiercely independent festival, Boomtown is known at times to put its head above the parapet and the event remains steadfast in its refreshed view on the line-up announcement, choosing to hold the bill back releasing just a few days before the show. This radical change allows the event to release itself from the restraints caused by traditional hierarchical line-up announcements in order to deliver a truly diverse programme. As ever, Boomtown will lead with a bill full of live bands plus forward-thinking artists from all underground sides of the electronic spectrum from house, disco and techno to drum n bass, jungle, hip-hop and heavier styles of hardcore and psytrance. Building the lineup INto the weekend rather than being led by it.

“We have always been a creatively led festival. People attend Boomtown because of the overall experience, though we aren’t releasing a line-up we’ll continue to book incredible artists and all the festival favourites. However, by approaching our programming announcements in this way we are no longer involved with the complex process of releasing a music lineup that is tied up with exclusivity deals and billing restrictions; let alone the escalating costs. We now have the freedom to create lineups that are even more phenomenal than we have ever been able to before.” Boomtown Founders.  To find out more visit our music policy page here.

What to expect from the new layout:  Combining incredible set design, art and immersive theatre with a diverse lineup, the 5-day event takes place within Boomtown; a fictitious city that is made up of nine distinct districts. Each district is designed with its own theme, has a main stage and is littered with a warren of intimate and unique micro-venues. Connected by winding alleyways these districts are awash with hidden venues, passageways and doorways all ready to be explored. All of which is brought to life by hundreds of actors and performers. 

For 2022, the Main City is located in what was previously known as ‘Downtown Boomtown’ and it will see the launch of brand new districts and the re-introduction of old favourites. Every main stage at the event is a new concept and can be found nestled deep into its district surroundings. For the first time ever every inch of the natural amphitheatre at Matterley Estate will be used to build up the most detailed pop-up city ever created! Around the main city, making the most of the site’s beautiful South Downs National Park location will be an array of unique dancefloors nestled within the forest that the audience can escape to.   

District Announcements are here: Launching this month, each district is being showcased via its own announcement trailer. Beginning with Grand Central, a brand new district with one of the biggest new stages in the festival and the central point of the festival it was followed by Oldtown the oldest district in town and one that is steeped in the history and folklore of Boomtown, and then the glorious feat of dystopian engineering that is AREA 404 and the calamitous streets of Copper County.  Releasing twice a week on Mondays and Wednesday for the next month, as they are revealed you can find the full series here on our city pages.  [trailers here]

Boomtown Storyline: Back in 2020 for Chapter 12, Boomtown’s last action was to announce a ‘State of Emergency’ as the Chapter tagline… never imagining what was about to happen globally. Chapter One: The Gathering introduces Boomtown’s new vision of a post-pandemic world where the State of Emergency has become a city that has risen from the ashes of the old. It is a new world, accompanied by a new story that is waiting to be told that focuses on reflection, acceptance, respect and reconnection with yourself, each other and the planet. It is a time of celebration, a time to come together, a time of gathering. For more information see their story page here

Register for the resale: On sale 7 pm 9th March: Thanks to the unwavering support of 2020 and 2021 ticket holders rolling their tickets over during the pandemic, standard tickets for the festival have now all sold out. With so few tickets remaining, they are expected to fly out of the door. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a ticket must register via this link to receive all the relevant further information.  

Alternatively, there are a few Public Transport Saver tickets available now. These tickets include a coach ticket and you get Wednesday entry free. To secure these before the resale, head over to the Ticket Page here

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