The Case Against Vaccine Mandates Mounts in 2022

Other | Thursday 27th January 2022 | Alexander

  It was widely reported at the end of 2021 that Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech had been making $1,000 every second over the course of the pandemic, and perhaps deservedly when the vaccines made their initial impact by supposedly being the main cause of the dramatic reduction in COVID-19 hospitalisations that occurred… But what about now, now that data from around the world shows that these ‘leaky’ vaccines both fail to prevent reinfection and to adequately reduce transmission?

  With the global debate over how ‘COVID-19 vaccine mandates’ are being given precedence over the individual right and medical profession maxim of ‘informed consent’ by governments across the world (all in what might be seen as being in a totally unconstitutional and perhaps illegal fashion), scientific, fact-based evidence is now emerging that suggests COVID-19 vaccine mandates may not be the only or best option for protecting the general public’s health. 



  One such recent piece of evidence comes from the Office of National Statistics, detailing the number of deaths and age distribution of deaths in the UK where ‘COVID-19 was the only cause of death’ on the death certificate. This is a very different figure to the number of UK deaths as regularly reported in the mainstream UK media, which were in fact ‘deaths registered within 28 days of testing positive for COVID-19’.


  Mainstream media in the UK and the US appears to be sidelining any attempt at an informed and balanced public discussion over the benefits and pitfalls of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and vaccinating children. National broadcasters in the UK and US national networks are regularly noted as being part sponsored or financially supported by NGOs such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or names from amongst the biggest pharmaceutical industry multinationals.


Renowned scientists challenging vaccine mandates

 Although many scientists have been censored over their perspectives on vaccines, two globally renowned specialists on the matter of viruses and vaccine technology, both having respective careers spanning over three decades, and both of whom strongly oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, have been repeatedly discredited in public by the media, even being pigeon-holed by some media outlets as conspiracy theorists.

  Dr. Robert Malone, a US pioneer of the mRNA technology that is a fundamental mechanism of the COVID-19 vaccines sold by pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, BioNTECH, and Moderna, has had his Twitter account with 500k followers suspended, while Youtube has been removing any recent videos voicing his position on the matter of vaccinating children and vaccine mandates. 



  Before being censored by mainstream and social media, Dr. Malone publicly questioned the method and validity of aspects of Pfizer’s safety trials for the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as publicly detailing some of the more common and serious possible side effects of the MRNA vaccines, such as myocarditis and pericarditis.


   Dr. Christian Perronne, a well regarded, French emerging disease specialist and former Vice-president of the European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation at the World Health Organisation, has quickly gone from hero to zero over the course of the last two years in his native country, having consistently questioned the rapid nature of the authorisation of COVID-19 vaccine across the globe, especially with regard to their use by pregnant women and children. 



  Dr. Perronne also alleges that there are now examples of countries with low vaccination rates, such as India, that have been more successful at controlling the pandemic than countries like Israel, with the highest vaccination rates. For him, this is also evidence of his heavily debated proposition that the rapidly authorised COVID-19 vaccines, along with the subsequent disruption to all non-covid healthcare services (caused by staff absences from illness/self-isolation and medical resources being diverted to dealing with COVID-19) were in themselves more of a threat to public health than the virus itself. 

The debate over vaccine mandates trumping informed consent will continue for some time, all while a hopeful scientific consensus, that COVID-19 is close to reaching an endemic end, is starting to look like a strong possibility.

Watch Dr Perronne address the Parliament of Luxembourg in Jan 2022 here

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