Ella CR's vocals reveal a true depth of feeling

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 25th January 2022 | Alexander

Raised on reggae music and Caribbean sunshine, Ella CR is an outspoken artist, often voicing her views on the plight of Africa, the trappings of modern technology, and how racism still permeates contemporary society. She is also known for her skills as a sound engineer, having completed a degree at the University of Arts London in Sound Art & Design. 


The Europe based Ella CR is a versatile performer, regularly vocalising over production to make music that oozes good vibrations, with lyrics that not only illuminate her thoughts and feelings, but also her belief that pain is what drives the most truthful and beautiful art. Her most recent appearance comes in the form of a vocal feature on the liquid/dub DnB banger by MikkiM & Caloosh, ‘Moving Forward’.



Her 2016 debut album, ‘Short Frustrations’, is laden with beautiful sounds that act as a perfect backdrop to her thought provoking lyricism. On her Bandcamp page she says ‘The cause of frustration is one we can not control, which led to me writing this album. I can't explain how or why humans get worked up about the short longevity of a (particular) frustration or anger, but we do. This was the best way to compile everything that was in my head.’



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