Are you ready to baroque and roll?

Drum and Bass | Thursday 23rd December 2021 | Cristina

‘Twas a cold December evening, and all through the house, about 25 creatures were stirring, as they shambolically got ready for the first Christmas Rumpus in two years. This large group of friends, which made its way to the legendary party in Uber-size groups, wasn’t the largest there - crews were out in full force at this busy night.

Not since Rumpus: Mother Nature Vs Mother Goose, in 2019, have Rumpans enjoyed the festive spirit of a December party, and endured the icy embrace of a winter smoking area, together. As the pandemic wreaked havoc on the events industry from March 2020 onwards, nightlife was severely threatened. This return to top form for Rumpus in a key party season was proof of the resilience of nightlife against all odds and of the strength of a community when tried by forces beyond their control.

At Rumpus: Baroque and Roll, on Saturday December 5th, 17th century punk was the flavour of the month, as evidenced by the abundance of corsets, ruffled sleeves and guyliner. Conceptually this theme is well summarised by the event description - ‘Suddenly the melodic sounds of the harpsichord is joined by the cacophonous roar of reverb pedals and crash of cymbals’.

Islington Metal Works, a Rumpus venue favourite, provided the perfect backdrop for this nightlong, raucous entertainment, its meandering halls presenting rewards for getting lost at every turn. This included an opera singer in full baroque costume bursting into song in the hall, and an interactive play taking place in the courtyard.

Rum Buffalo shook the room with their atmospheric, punk blues - horns and synths mesh unfalteringly in this infectious sound you can mosh and dance to. Esme Banks presented another highlight - drum and bass has long been a hallmark of the Rumpus appeal.

With lockdownfour.comicron on everyone’s search history, no one’s quite sure what the future holds right now. It’s possible we won’t ever know again - at least, not in the way we were used to back in 100 BC (before covid) and years subsequent. Let’s hold on to these memories, treat the connections we built this night with the respect they deserve, and not stop dreaming of our next fairytale fancy dress brainchild. After all, there’s a certain inevitability about seeing your pals soon and wearing impractical clothes - it’s the human condition.

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By @cristinaxt