Guestlist | Playlist: Rozell

House | Friday 12th November 2021 | Arren

We have a sweet playlist this week from the LA-based producer, Rozell.

An upcoming producer, Estonian-born LA-Based producer/DJ Rozell is making waves with a combination of his banging new tunes and electric DJ sets - often seeing him joining in with the vocalists and dancers on stage. He turns his head to our playlist this week, delivering a nice selection of tunes to start your weekend right.

His latest single, 'No One Knows My Face', landed last month and now has sweet remix package out. Featuring the UK’s Sebastian Perez and LA singer Sir Jeremy Green - it’s a big room house smasher itching to hit the floors.

Following the track's release, he had taken over our playlist for the week. He flaunts his eclectic taste in music sharing a variety of songs spanning styles. Sure to help kickstart those weekend feels.

Goodbye - Nathan Dawe & T.Matthias

"We listened to this one while we were touring around the UK, probably like 1000 times haha. That’s what it reminds me of."

Stand By You - DubVision & Pontifexx

"This one reminds me of my first big solo show, where I presented my vision alongside my dancers and drummers. Our crew did an awesome job."

Supersonic - Skrillex, Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady

"I mean, Skrillex and Noisia together…sums it up!"

Ghost - Justin Bieber

"Beautiful song. I love blasting it wherever I am. Whether I’m driving, cooking, taking a shower, it really works for every scenario."

Take My Breathe - The Weeknd

"An absolute dancefloor diamond. You really can't go wrong with Max Martin."

Contaminated - BANKS

"Pretty sure it's one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. This song just hits differently. Incredible in so many ways."

High Note - K.Motionz & Emily Makis

"I’ve been a huge fan of d&b since I was pretty young. This song has everything I need, it makes me wanna jump, I wanna scream along, and I also love its sound design."

Lift Me Up - Five Finger Death Punch


No One Knows My Face - Rozell & Sir Jeremy Green

"I made a new version of my latest single together with Sebastian Perez. I’m happy with how it sounds and I feel like it's the end of an era. My next single will introduce you to my new direction."

Bad Reputation - Avicii & Joe Janiak

"Avicii is the best dance music producer who has ever lived and he is one of my biggest inspirations."

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