NEWS | ProgRam kickstart new album series; Pieces

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 10th November 2021 | Arren

ProgRam drop the first volume of a new album series, 'Pieces'.

Never taking their foot off the pedal, RAM’s sister label, ProgRam kick off their new compilation series. The first volume of three the new 'Pieces' continues the brand’s legacy as an underground tastemaker.

Coming in hot with ten cuts of the freshest drum & bass from some of the scene’s most exciting new names. Sick tunes from artists including; Conrad Subs (pictured above), Trex, NC-17 and Furniss cover the spectrum of drum & bass whilst signing the limelight on some of the lesser known but equally good acts in the game right now.

The new three part series follows on from a stacked release schedule this year including huge singles and EP from the likes of De:tune, Prestige and Cecil Hotel. Not to mention the imprint’s huge 'ProgRam 100' package and their 'Programmed' EP selections. 'Pieces' is just the latest in their ongoing bid to showcase the very best in underground drum & bass.

ProgRam’s first volume of 'Pieces' is out now - Buy/stream

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