Guestlist | Playlist: Gremlinz

Drum and Bass | Friday 5th November 2021 | Arren

Another class playlist this weekend, from Canadian drum & bass head Gremlinz

Gremliz has long been rumbling in the underground factions of drum & bass. He’s sound is akin to the heavy old skool sounds of Metalheadz, Bluenote with a rough edge seeping through that we loved from the Renegade Hardware days. Heavy influences from dub music and techno find their way into the mix to create a heavy, dark sound which he has been bossing for over a decade now.

His unique flavour of drum & bass is widely celebrated and beloved across the scene in both Europe and North America. To date he’s seen his music landing on some of the biggest imprints including Metalheadz, Function, and Thirty-One. He’s also collaborated with huge acts including Digital, Tim Reaper and BTK. He was also anointed a spot with The Four Horseman, Loxy & Ink’s legendary collective alongside Dylan and Keaton.

Regularly fresh music is still coming from his studio. Next week sees him landing on Dispatch alongside Ink as part of the imprint’s Blueprints series. They offer up two cuts of solid music. Two tracks with very different edges - first up is Juno Dawn - on a atmospheric tip. Opening with an uplifting hum and echoing voices. It continues as a broken beat chimes in, a proper emotive soundscape record. On the flip side is Faceless, taking a darker turn. It’s beefy rolling sound will make easy work on the floors, injecting some moody energy to sets.

In the run up to it’s release next Friday, Gremlinz has taken over our Spotify playlist this week. He’s packed it with upfront bangers that set this weekend off with a bang. If you like your bass deep and heavy then you’re in for a treat!

Gremlinz’s newest release with Ink is set for release next Friday (12th Nov) on Dispatch Recordings - Pre-order

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