Will B's Super Culture deep house Playlist

House | Thursday 4th November 2021 | Nicky

From his days with Need2Soul, Will B has been a stalwart of East London’s underground clubbing scene, having co-founded the long-running Secretsundaze party with Giles and James as well as being a regular in Fabric’s Room 3.


He’s produced music as Latenite Productions label, best known for its cult ‘Between The Thin Line’ album release with remixes from heavyweights Ron Trent, John Ciafone and Mr G, and launches his new Super Culture Music label with Orlando Voorn’s ‘Everyday Desires EP’.


‘Dangerous Tribe’ Shannon Harris Afrobeatology Remix - Dangerous Tribe (Super Culture Music)

Dope Remix of our first release as a group. Shannon has taken this into the afrobeat realm with live keys from Kishon Khan, who plays alongside greats like Bukky Leo & Dele Sossime,

Antonio Occasio’s ‘Song Of My Soul’ onTribal Winds. More beautiful music from Antonio, who never fails to deliver with this one, a subtle dance floor destroyer that can be slipped in almost anywhere in a set.


Smile’ C Dockins Deepwonder Mix- DJ Oji & Ed Ramsey (POJI Records)

I’m loving this song at the moment. Charles Dockins has done two excellent reworks that bring that feelgood feeling to the dance floor.


‘We Are One’ - Anthony Nicholson Ft Lailah Reich (Clairaudience)

Sonic excellence from Anthony Nicholson yet again with real house deepness from a master of the genre.



Callin You Lord’ Inky Garcia & Roger Garcia Remix - Johnny Dangerous featuring Kenny Bobien (King Street)

Kenny’s vocals are sublime and a great Remix.



‘EveryDay Desires EP’ - Orlando Voorn (Super Culture Music)

Orlando delivers his trademark energy and deepness, with a little disco thrown in for good measure. This one is a certified banger.


‘ Into the Groove’ - Blake Baxter & Abe Duque (KMS)

This hasn’t left my box since it came out last year. I haven’t heard it many other places so it may have slipped under the radar. Proper groovy techno soul.



‘The Mofocongoietric’ Joaquin Joe Claussell's Extended 12" Version - The Bayara Citizens (Sacred Rhythm)

Joaquin Clausell excels himself here as the Bayara Citizens. This is a masterclass in high end soulful music made with joyful abandon. Super Dope.



‘Shelter’ Ron Trent Remix - Musclecars

Deep realness from Ron Trent as always. Remixing some of NYC’s upcoming stars the Musclecars.



‘Feeling Blessed’ An Afflickted Soul Tek Vocal - MIkki Afflick featuring Georgia Cee (Soul Sun Soul Music)

Uptempo soulful afro tek fun. Love this! Mikki Affick has put out several bangers this year.



‘OTW’ - Stefan Ringer (Qunitessentials)

Smooth, deep and groovy from Stefan Ringer.



Where Were You’ - Blake Baxter (Suspected)

Deep, and sounds like a classic already from the Prince of Techno.



Orlando Voorn launches the Super Culture Music label with his new ‘EveryDay Desires EP’ featuring Remixes from Terry Francis & Will B. The next release is Dangerous Tribes ‘Dangerous Tribes’ and stay connected at