3Karenz debut with 'Manager Freestyle' - a Grime Daily Premier

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 2nd November 2021 | Nicky

In a strange twist of fate, Karen W (also known as K-Dubs) stepped to the mic after stumbling across rapper Digga D on the radio during a school run.

Hypnotised by the 'electrifying' and furious flows & carefully crafted cadence on ’WOI', K-Dubs was eager to start shelling, but too timid to go alone - so proposed the idea to her two close friends, Karen & Karen, during their weekly coffee meet.

Within the hour, the three had come up with ‘Manager Freestyle’ - an assertive statement of intent. The 3Karenz are here to eliminate their opps and entice your pops, spitting a barrage of bars that will have you dialling 999 to report some absolute flames.

Expect all the aggression of drill, but with references even middle-aged mums can enjoy, it truly is the perfect fusion.