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Drum and Bass | Friday 29th October 2021 | Arren

After a brief pause, our playlist is back and this time packed with huge tunes selected by Nurve.

Nurve, a master of his craft and extremely musically minded. On top of being a class drum & bass producer, he’s also a mentor for Education & Bass, runs his own label and has a long history within the music biz with different projects and sounds under his belt. In recent times he’s turned his head back to drum & bass and the results have been sub shakingly good.

His latest release landed on his own Nurve Music and was a testament to the pride he takes in his music’s production. He sets off with 'Cut Me and I Bleed', with an eerie dissonance ramping up the energy before dropping in with the moodiest and most pulsating bass and intricate percussive switch ups to keep you moving. On the flip side is the equally sick '32 Lies'. From the very first bar you are thrown into this epic cinematic experience with so many layers that it's hard to focus on one thing. The haunting vocal samples carry us through to the breakdown where we are momentarily introduced to this grotesque bass which gives us a good insight into how this is all going to pan out. When it drops it goes forth like a stampede of bass, synthesis, and a pounding two step drum pattern that will have you booking into a chiropractor asap to sort the vertebrae in your neck.

A banging release from a banger producer. It’s just one of many releases Nurva has dropped this year - and each time the levels just get better and better. He’s taken over our playlist this week, and filled it with some of the biggest tracks that have helped influence and shaped the Nurve we hear and love today. From heavy hitting drum & bass, prime hip hop and a little grunge - this is a playlist for music lovers from a music lover!

'Stigma - Noisia'

As soon as I heard this track it blew my head off. It's one of those tracks that comes along once in 10 years that just sticks with you. I regularly listen to it to get inspired and laugh at how good the production is…

'First It Giveth' - Queens of the Stone Age

This track just goes full throttle straight off-the-bat. Josh homme compliments the pure energy that the drums and bass of this track provides with his haunting vocals. Love it!

'Metropolis' - Adam F

Metropolis is such a perfect name for this track. Every sound just works so well and for it's time of creation, the synth work is just magic. A thing of industrial beauty!

'Picture Me Rollin' - 2Pac

I grew up on 2Pac and this track just brings me straight back to my childhood when things were just easy and simple. It's one for the summer!

'Polly' - Nirvana

This track has quite a dark meaning behind it but that aside, I just love the roughness and looseness of it all which actually contributes towards it ultimately - in my humble opinion - being a slice of perfection.

'Life Goes On' - 2Pac

Before music was even a thing for me creatively 2 Pac was a firm fixture in my ears which is why he gets 2 slots. I have lost a lot of friends during my life to one thing or another and this song sometimes helps me reminisce, pay my respects and tip my hat to those who I have lost.

'Slow Down' (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) - Sigma

This track is just insane. The epic intro, the build up and then the drop is just top flight! The production is on another level and the basses just do some crazy stuff to my head.

'Karma Police' - Radiohead

In my opinion this is one of the most perfectly structured pieces of music I have ever heard. The first 2 verses are just perfectly written to tee up the last verse. I love the bass pattern too. It just goes off on a tangent but all makes so much sense and to finish off the track they bitcrush the hell out of it which is a nice touch.

'Combat' - Moving Fusion

As a young up and coming DJ over 20 years ago Ram Records was a buy on sight (as it was for every Dj at that time no doubt and probably still is) and when I came across this EP by Moving Fusion I stumbled across this track, Combat. Halftime vibes were not very common then and the way they mixed it with that signature Ram Sound of that era it just stuck with me.

'Hard Noize' - Dillinja

There isn't much to say about this apart from the fact it is a complete face melter! The bass is just one of a kind and spawned a new dawn for Dillinja (In my opinion). It truly is an absolute monster and will forever be listened to over here.

Nurve’s latest release, 'Cut Me And I Bleed / 32 Lies' on Nurve Music - Buy/stream

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