LISTEN | Borai & Denham Audio drop two rinsing remixes of the timeless 'Cafe Del Mar'

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 27th October 2021 | Arren

One of the most iconic dance music tracks of all time gets an incredible reworking, capturing the spirit of the underground in 2021.

When it comes to timeless classics in the dance music world, few come as close as 'Cafe Del Mar'. Since its first appearance in music, as Wim Merten’s 'Struggle For Pleasure' in 1983, the track has gone on a journey. It first entered the dance music scene in 1993 with Kid Paul and Cosmic Baby’s Eye Q released trance classic before its huge 1998 appearance on Hooj Tunes. Since its famed rhythm and synths has been a staple in DJ sets and live shows ever since; including Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra’s Ibiza Classics.

Earlier this year HEO had released their own take on the remix, and that has led us to the insane remix we now hear. Coming from two of the most exciting names in UK dance music right now, Borai (pictured above) and Denham Audio. Together they’ve made two stacked breakbeat laden remixes of the awe-inspiring song. Not fussing over the melodic stuff, they’ve honed into the record’s dancefloor dynamic. In doing so they’ve created a standout beat that’ll wreck clubs floors for years to come, with its rough bass tones, explosive breaks and skillfully worked in samples of the original we know and love.

There is also a remix by Steve Weston, who takes the song in a completely different direction. He combines sparkly synths with some of the original melodies for compelling new takes on these now familiar themes, whilst still managing to sound like he's contributing something new to this long told story. Both remixes are out now on Hooj Tunes.

Borai & Denham Audio’s huge remix of 'Cafe Del Mar' is out now via Hooj Tunes - Buy/steam

Both Borai and Denham Audio are performing tomorrow night for Worlds Collide’s massive Halloween event at The Cause along with Grooverider, Kenny Ken and loads more - Tickets

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