3 Overlooked Movies You Should Watch Before the London Film Festival

Other | Saturday 4th September 2021 | Francesco

In about one month, the new edition of the London Film Festival will return in-person on the streets of London. The BFI is about to announce its full program for the event. While waiting to read which movies they have selected, let’s discuss some of the best films of the previous edition - some completely ignored by mainstream audiences.


David Byrne’s American Utopia

Spike Lee directs one of the most energetic feature films of the year. Lee meticulously constructs a show from a live concert of American Utopia. With a series of iconic songs, American Utopia is Byrne’s testament to hope and humanity. It is easily the best movie experience I had in 2020. 




Steve McQueen presented three powerful movies of his Small Axe's 5-film anthology series: Mangrove and Lover’s Rock are among them. Mangrove is the story of a restaurant in London’s Notting Hill. After a series of problems connected with police harassment, the owner leads a protest march. It is a brilliant film that deals with systemic discrimination and police violence. McQueen creates a powerful portrait of characters fighting for their lives. The movies are available on Prime Video.


I Am Samuel

I Am Samuel is not an easy watch. Directed by Peter Murimi, it is a documentary that focuses on a young gay couple Samuel and Alex, as they live their love story in Kenya, where homosexuality is illegal. It is such an intimate and powerful story that deals with family, social constraints, and the strength of the guy’s bond. It can be honest and raw emotionally, but always optimistic. Watch the trailer below:



The expectations are high for the new edition; the festival runs Oct. 6-17.