Sharp Digital Recordings release East Anglia's 'Unmanageable' & Party Crashers 'Ang Mi P

House | Thursday 2nd September 2021 | Nicky

Opening with arguably one of their most popular releases and remixes on the label it’s East Anglia’s ‘Unmanageable’ in its Sharp Boys Raided Dub mix. Its killer bassline, minimal elements and sweary attitude give it a simple n’ effective kick that still elevates dance floors to this day. Super long at over 11 Minutes, ‘Unmanageable’ opened a lot of doors for the Sharp label and the duo in New York as it sold more copies there than in any other city OR country on import! 


Originally sourced and signed to the label when Sharp Boys -  Steven Doherty and George Mitchell -crossed paths with Techno groundbreaker, DJ Mrs Wood, who was taking her copy back to Tag Records as the original wasn't tough enough for her! An inscription of "Mrs Wood Took It Back" is etched on every original 1995 vinyl release!  and thank you MTV for supporting it! and of course, Mrs Wood, who kindly supported the 11-minute remix! What a lady!


Next up is Partycrashers "Ang' My Pikcha" - Sharp Boys Remix 


The genius combination of a No1 club star and the most incredible person of interest you will ever want to discover and meet on a dance floor at 5 am in the morning says everything about the PARTYCRASHERS! Comprising of Felix (‘Don't You Want Me?’) and Kenny C (London Trade Club Legend / Sharp Boys MC) these underground superheroes keep it under the arches and deep with their groove. Incredible at what they do and uncompromising - full respect to them. The sadly recently departed Techno angel, Kelli K Hand-signed this and remixed it for release in the USA and it’s also Danny Tenaglia's favourite ever Sharp release! 


Big fans include Eats Everything - he just put 'Relentless' from Sharp Tools 2 in his current Beatport 10 tracks -  Nicole Moudaber, Danny Tenaglia and this iconic LGBT label and sound have influenced many that have come behind them including Pagano, Shay Malt (Adonis) and Josh Caffe. Original Trade club DJs and founders of the TRade Lite LOunge, they were lynchpins of the club scene playing Heaven, Ibiza, playing at the Radio 1 stage at Love Parade and much more.