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House | Friday 27th August 2021 | Arren

Another London rave legend takes control of our playlist this week, it’s an epic selection from Kid Batchelor.

An inveterate music lover from an early age steeped in the Windrush generation soundtrack of reggae, ska and rocksteady, Kid Batchelor got his first break as a DJ as part of the mid '80s London soul scene with the legendary sound system crew, Soul II Soul. Also inspired by New York's clubscene and mastermix shows, as house music exploded Kid was one of the UK's first proponents of the seamless style of mixing using a broad palette of musical genres and was ready to strike as acid house swept London in 1988.

Nurtured by two of the UK’s finest house and techno music DJs Colin Faver and Eddie Richards, Kid was a key part of the legendary Hedonism warehouse parties in Acton which were a milestone in changing the face of London clubland, as house music transformed the nightlife landscape.He then quickly secured a residency at the infamous RIP parties at Clink Street spinning all night in 2 different rooms with Eddie Richards and Mr. C. One of the first UK DJs to play and make house music for the legendary Warriors Dance label Kid’s bought every weapon he had to his legendary residency at Confusion, the first Sunday night house club in London. He also played at seminal club meccas such as Shoom and The Haçienda as well as raves such as Biology and Sunrise.

One of the first DJs to branch out internationally he secured residencies at legendary Italian clubs such as Ethos Mama and Cocorico, and went on to launch the IPM Festival in Rome. A musical curator Kid is firmly established as a leading Radio DJ with a Saturday morning show on Mi-House radio, an evening show on Solar as well as contributing special shows for the BBC, where he continues to confound and break boundaries with his musical style and cultural observations.

He’s one of the many iconic DJs performing at the Summer Love Festival, bringing the true sound of London’s early rave days back the forefront of our minds. Also playing at the event on September 4th are other seminial acts from the London scene including; Terry Francis, Adamski, Saytek, and many more. Channeling the energy from the now legendary Oribital raves, Summer Love festival takes us back to a time when London truly began it's electronic music history, catch the full details here. Celebrating this time and sound whilst getting hyped up for the event, Kid has filled our playlist with original bangers from his extensive collection.

Speaking on his selections Kid said: "Playing at the Summer Love Festival made me revisit the days when the tracks on this mastermix compilation were making a whole generation experience a eureka moment as they discovered styles of clubbing and nightlife never experienced before in the UK. Being the resident of London's foremost Sunday night house emporium, Confusion De Londra, every week I got to play an extensive range of music populated by some of the finest raw underground tracks ever made, and boy were the crowd receptive. Many of these tracks have stood the test of time with lots of the new generation of international DJs still dropping these classics (sometimes remixed of re-edited) in their sets."

New York, New York - DeeKay Jones

Reachin’ (Brotherhood Mix) - Phase II

Let’s Go - Fast Eddie

I’m Glad You Came To Me - Bas Noir

Bang Bang You’re Mine - Bang The Party

Koro-Koro - No Smoke

Never No More Lonely - Fingers Inc.

The Texican - Orange Lemon

Kid Batchelor plays at the Summer Love Festival this September - Tickets

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