Guestlist | Playlist: Habibtati

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 5th August 2021 | Arren

We have an eclectic mix of tunes from the experimental DJ, Habibtati.

Taking over the control of our latest playlist selections is the Iranian, Armenian & Iraqi, South-West Londoner Habibtati. She’s grown up alongside the Arab and Armenian musical sounds, condensing their styles and rhythms into electric DJ sets of incredible sounds and styles - transcending the need for the idea of genres. She packs our playlist with a selection of some of her favourite summery tunes. 

She features this weekend at Egg LDN, for their HOMOSTASH rooftop party alongside Seksu, Blonde Spirit, Anahita Shamsaei, Sertima, Pavline, David Ramsey, Rozora and their resident Tafkanik. Throughout the event all the DJs will transport you across the world with their SWANA/Arabic beats, as well as a techno room for you 4x4 lovers!

A share of the events sales, as well as fundraising at the event, will go to a Palestinian LGBTQ+ NGO alQawa. Ahead of the madness, Habibtati has share a killer selection of tunes. As eclectic as her DJ sets, she hasn’t let us down and takes us to so many different musical places - all of them focus on great production and party ready sounds!

Gole bi Goldoon - Sevdaliza

KLK - Arca feat. Rosalia

Khallini Biljao - Maya Nasri

Dohktare Irooni - Andy

Jobs - City Girls

Barrio - Mahmood

1Ul - Danny L Harle

On The Days - Hamlet Minassian

Prelude - Mehmet Aslan

Bamboo Riddim - Aahadadream

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Habibtati will play this Saturday at Egg LDN for the Homostash Rooftop Rave - Tickets

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