Greentea Peng’s “Man Made” Captures the Current Zeitgeist

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 23rd July 2021 | Tasia


The iconic Greentea Peng, a 25 year old rapper from South London escaped the distractions of the city, moved to the countryside and recorded an album to surmise and create hope in our current collective situation. In a year and a half of isolation, uncertainty and frustration Greentea’s latest album “Man-Made '' is just what we needed. The record seamlessly weaves a narrative of shedding the traps of the system with beautiful soulful beats and instrumentation. 



Her and her band have incorporated sounds inspired by many cultures and there are many clear spiritual influences present. One of the tracks is named “Kali V2” after the Hindu goddess, she is part one of the gods, which represent the cycle of birth, life and death in Hindu mythology - Kali and Shiva being the forces of destruction and endings. “The lies and deceit they try to pull over we, may Kali’s fire burn you down.” In her lyrics there's a clear disillusionment with modern life and encouraging others to scuritinise what we see around us.



One of the stand-out tracks on the album, “Be Careful,” uses enchanting Middle Eastern style flutes and gorgeous tabla drumming. On this track she says “conditioning our whole tribe,” pointing towards what we see in the mainstream media and yet refering to people as a tribe, a yearning to have a more simple life with deeper interpersonal connections.



When the album dropped earlier this year Greentea got a lot of criticism for including the phrase “Fact check the fact checkers.” She is brave enough to approach what is going on and talk about the flaws she sees in society, something many popular musicians are not willing to do and because of that she is leading the way and helping people to feel supported in thinking differently. 


Greentea Peng has many upcoming gigs across the country, get down to a show!

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