WATCH | Rising Artist Andro Astro Debuts Thrilling New Single 'Vamp Candy'

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 28th June 2021 | Sean

Emerging Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter/rapper Andro Astro has debuted his latest single, 'Vamp Candy'.

Fusing together multiple genres, the energised track boasts an infectious pop-punk melody over striking guitar riffs and hip-hop beats, transporting you to Andro’s heightened world of unapologetic living. Having already begun to amass a following, with previous releases topping 100,000 Spotify streams, the independent artist looks set to continue their rise with this latest release.

A self-identified outcast, Andro draws inspiration from a wide range of artists such as MGK, Playboi Carti, Alkaline Trio and The 1975, to create a dynamic, genre-bending sound. Speaking more on 'Vamp Candy', Andro says; "I wrote ‘Vamp Candy’ very much enveloped in the new wave punk hip-hop energy. People are hungry for high-energy tracks that express both the discontent with the system and the joy of making it through Covid." 

With a unique sound and style and their fanbase growing with each release, Andro Astro is most certainly an artist you’ll want to keep on your radar and watch out for over the year ahead as more new music is revealed.

Andro Astro's new single 'Vamp Candy' is out now - Buy/stream

Andro Astro
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